Continuity & Information Security

From a societal perspective, it is important that the Swedish securities market functions at all times. The Swedish Securities Market Association’s ambition is to help its members to coordinate themselves in situations that involve or may involve interruptions in the members’ operations. The association provides a forum for discussion between members on issues such as continuity and information security. Both members and employees of the association’s secretariat also actively participate in exercises organised by FSPOS.

The Association’s work

The Swedish Securities Markets Association handles and discusses continuity-related issues in three different working groups. The contingency group is used in crises or other acute situations when the organisation’s secretariat needs to reach out to members quickly. The continuity group is used for more long-term and preventive discussions and work in the area. The information security group works with issues related to information security.

The contingency group

The purpose of the contingency group is to have one person per member who is responsible for representing the institute and participating in joint meetings with the other members and the organisation’s secretariat in crisis-like situations that need to be discussed or managed jointly. In such situations, the association primarily has a coordinating role. The contingency group has been active during the most acute phase of the pandemic.

The continuity group

The continuity group works on a more preventive and long-term basis than the contingency group. The aim is to give members the opportunity to exchange information and share knowledge and experience on issues related to business continuity. The group also regularly invites people who work with continuity issues at the various infrastructure providers.

Information security group

The information security group works on exchanging information and sharing knowledge in information security linked to securities trading. The group also discusses regulatory issues, responds to consultations and conducts various analyses in the area of information security.


The Swedish Securities Markets Association actively participates in the work of the FSPOS and regularly participates in courses and exercises 1rganized by the FSPOS. The FSPOS is a voluntary co-operation forum with participants from the private sector and public institutions in the financial sector whose vision is that essential financial services always work.

The Swedish Securities Markets Association also has a member on the FSPOS board and thus acts as an important link between the members and the work carried out within the FSPOS framework.

More information about FSPOS can be found here.